Once in a Blue Moon

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    Once in a Blue Moon

    Year: 2008
    Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Twinks
    Duration: 1:13:06
    Directed by: Afton Nills
    Studio: Xtreme Productions
    Starring: Dillon Samuels, Kameron Scott, Quinn Alexander, Trevin Nills, Nevin Scott, Tyler Bradley, Jesse Jacobs
    Once in a Blue Moon is a new episodic series about four young men working together at a local gay resort. The series evolves around, Jeremy (played by Trevin Nills), who works as the pool boy, Tad (played by Nevin Scott), who works the front desk, Robert (played by Quinn Alexander), who works as the supervisor, and Oscar , (played by Kameron Scott), who works as the bellman / room service / laundry boy.
    The cast also stars Eddie Carlson, (played by Dillon Samuels), who visits the resort frequently as a guest.
    The first season consists of six episodes which will lead you through the lives of these young men and the lives of those who happen to pass through the resort ..

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