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    Year: 2005
    Genre: Anal, Group Sex, Hairy, Oral, Rimming
    Duration: 71:29 minutes
    Directed by: Steven Scarborough
    Studio: Hot House Entertainment
    Starring: Alex Collack, Alex Fuerte, Jason Ridge, Jason Kingsley, Jed Willcox, Justin Gemini, Kent North, Marco Paris, Niko, Tony Mecelli, Trey Casteel
    Description: Jed Wilcox and Jason Kingsley stand over Kent and Nord Marko Perris, they fill a couple of members of their throats, and witness to - the mountains Palmspring. They sit down to terms with the terrible force, eagerly trying to get pleasure deep inside. You see, both members of the slides in their asses until their own fleshy "guys" poured sokom.Jed Willcox and Jason Kingsley stand over Kent North and Marco Paris as they stuff the pair of cocks down their throats while the majestic Palm Springs mountains tower behind them. Long streams of spit drools from the corner of Kent's mouth as he greedily slobbers on Jed's meaty prick. The Kent and Marco fall on their knees facing each other and present their butts for oral priming from Jason and Jed. The two bottoms make out while their butts get pumped from behind. They buck back onto the dicks with tremendous force, hungrily trying to get all of the cocks stuffed deep inside them. Finally, both couples swap partners and turn to the camera for a d
    ouble re
    verse cowboy position; you see both cocks slide in their holes while their own heavy dicks swing to the beat of each thrust. After some serious slamming, the four studs unload their seed and collapse in each other's arms.

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