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    Year: 2006
    Country: UK
    Genre: gay, oral, anal, group sex.
    Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
    Directed by: Jean-Marc Prouveur
    Studio: Liquid London
    Starring: Mukhtar Safarov, Steve Hooper, Romeo Chambort, Francis Finch, Matheus Rocha, Ivo Costa, TJ Taylor, Guillaume Rye, Don Kristian.
    Description: Uniforms, a new film from the studio Liquid London, gives you a rare chance to plunge into the alluring world British erotiki.Film contains a scene where the protagonists are the "men in uniform" - the soldiers, construction workers (dressed in already become classics of the genre-colored helmet ), office workers and a couple of Marines. Note the appearance in this film its notorious record of Mukhtar Safarov thick member, as well as mega-stars hetero porn Steve Hooper.
    Uniforms, new film from studio Liquid London, gives to you rare chance to plunge into the tempting world of an English sensuality. Film comprises stages as which protagonists "men in a uniform" soldiers act, builders (dressed in already become by classics of a genre multi-coloured helmets), office employees and a couple of seamen. Pay attention to occurrence in this film by well-known record-breaking thick dick Mukhtar Safarov, and as a Megastar of heterosexual porno Steve Hooper.

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