Uncle Jack

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    Uncle Jack


    Year: 1998
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Group, Muscle, Big Cocks, Feature
    Duration: 1:26:19
    Directed by: John Travis
    Studio: Studio 2000
    Starring: Chris Steele, Cody Matthews, Peter Wilder, Brett Ford, Michael Crawford, Zachary Scott, Griff Thorson, Drew Peters, Rick Chase, Kevin Cobain
    Description: A young Cody Matthews is going to move to the residence of his uncle, after his father died. Uncle Jack (Chris Steele) runs a construction company in Los Angeles. He - was gay, but he does not show it to his nephew. In the very first day of the Matthews office appears buddy Steele - Peter. Steele releases his nephew in the afternoon to go to a real "business" - pose sixty-nine. Matthews unexpectedly returns - so all the secret becomes clear. Meanwhile, Matthews complete confusion of ideas - it is a loss, does not know what to do and what to think. The next day, Matthews watched another episode of the male sex: two workers - the builder (Zachary Scott and Griff Thorson) start flirting with the blond kid Drew Peters. Peters sucks their members, while Matthews is excited from watching the action. Thorson and Scott are replaced, the order Peters. Thorson made a similar offering his ass to Scott. Scott alternates between these two asses, and apparently unable to decide which is better. All thr
    ee end w
    ith the end profusely. Then, working Brett Ford and Michael Crawford noticed Matthews, spying on them. These two want to entertain your secret admirer ... Matthews is included in the so happens that the screams and cums. Keep up with Uncle Jack just in time to see its climax. That night, Mettyus admits that he saw, what Chris is engaged to her boyfriend. Steele acknowledged that he was not a real uncle of Matthews, and was beloved of his father. It gives the boy a rich food for thought. The next day, Matthews comes in a little himself. Steele admits it very gently in the gay world in a very hot scene. Matthews has a talent for sucking, because it takes a member of Steele's no problem. Steel shells from his gun Mathews ...

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