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    Year: 2007

    Country: USA

    Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Hairy, Oral Sex, Rimming, Toilet, ThreeWays / Orgies

    Length: 1:36:19

    Director: John Bruno

    Studio: Mustang

    Starring: Marco Paris, Alex Eden, Dean Tucker, Scott Tanner, Steve Carlisle, Logan Steele, Duncan Stone, Dane Hyde and Brick Tyson

    Description: When some thugs try to shake down Dean Tucker and his bar for cash, the only thing he can offer them is ass: his own and his employees. In the kitchen, tough guy Logan Steele waves his gun in Steve Carlisle's face, which makes him quickly give up his ass to the tattooed muscular stud. In the DJ booth, when Alex Eden learns that DJ Duncan Stone takes requests, he "requests" Duncan sucks his cock! The two have hot and nasty sex in the booth. In the bathroom stall Scott Tanner is pulling his pud to a porno mag when Marco Paris catches wind and makes him to do more than just jerk off. When delivery man Dane Hyde goes into the bathroom, their two-way quickly becomes a three-way. In the final scene, Dean Tucker goes head-to-head against Brick Tyson, the head of the gang shaking down his bar. ...

    File size :699 MB

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