The Seven Deadly Sins Pride

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    The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride


    Year: 2001

    Country: USA

    Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Daddies / Men,

    Bathroom / Tearoom Sex, Bodybuilders / Muscle Men,

    Handsome, Posing, Masturbation / Solo (Some),

    Military / Soldier, Threesomes / Threeways

    Duration: 1:22:30

    Directed by: Dirk Yates

    Studio: All Worlds Video

    Starring: Duke Miller, Jeffrey Alan,

    Chad Donovan, Lance Landers, Frank Marine,

    Jackson Price, Rick Ritter, Eddie Rollan,

    Chris Steele, Spike, Nick Young

    Even though pride is often defined as respect for one’s own worth or dignity we sometimes confuse the virtue with vanity and narcissism. It is also one of the deadly sins (watch the Brad Pitt movie Seven for more on this). Director Dirk Yates themes this flick (his entry into All Worlds new series) around Miller’s obsession with himself. Add a bit of Mardi Gras, a few hot military boys, a great cast and you have the recipe for a pretty steamy fuck flick. Miller, you see, is a gargantuan body builder who anchors this movie. In the opening scene the idea is planted when we see him stroke off to his own reflection. Miller fantasizes about himself. He then shoots a nice load onto the mirror. After putting on some jeans he wanders out onto his veranda to spy on Price and Rollan (a great find!) going at it on the front step. Both blondes are adept cocksuckers who seem to genuinely dig one another. They make out and suck one another for a bit until they realize Miller is watching them. He offers to join in and t
    are quick to accept. Soon Price is being fucked by Rollan while sucking on the muscleman’s cock. All of the guys shoot nice healthy loads, but Miller quickly snubs the dynamic duo, causing them to comment that he must think he is great. Other similar scenes follow, where Miller is on the periphery of the action. One such scene features delectable Young and a Mardi Gras pal. These two brunettes share a lot more than just beads. Young’s pal works his incredible foreskin with delight. After having his ass eaten Young bends his buddy over and fucks him but good. After some filler shots of boys with beads (Mardi Gras, get it?) the action shifts to a pool hall where Yate’s military boys decide to help one another out since they "can’t find no pussy." These guys are cute and their scene is hot. One is tall with red hair and a big cock. One is a hottie with dark hair and big cock. The third is muscular with a big cock. Mutual stroking begets some fun cock sucking. Finally the red-headed jug head gets fucked,
    first by
    one military stud and then by the other. This scene scorches. Cameos by Spike and Chris Steele (who turns up for a full scene in a later installment) add texture to this flick. A hot bathroom romp between Miller and Donovan (he of the horse meat) wrap up the fuck fest.

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