The Extreme Boyz Chronicles volume ##1 2

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    The Extreme Boyz Chronicles, volume ##1-2



    Year: 2004
    Country: U.S.
    Genre: gay, twinks, smooth bdsm, bondage, toys, blowjob, friendly hands,
    Duration: 1:19:55 +01:25:00
    Directed by: no info
    Studio: ExtremeBoyz / Torsion Video
    Cast: # 1 - Arren, Dakota, Lance, TAL
    # 2 - Draiven, Spencer, TAL
    # 1Handsome slave-boy Tal struggles as he's kidnapped by young Master Lance. Stripped, tied, suspended upside down, and stretched, Tal willingly sucks and cums for his captor. Bored with his new toy, Lance loans Tal to Master Arren who plays with both Tal and his own slave - Dakota. Both boys willingly cum for Arren whilst helplessly bound in various positions. Tal endures multiple, tight and strenuous bondage positions - his superb swimmers physique sweats and strains as he is mercilessly abused.
    # 2Top man Spencer relentlessly assaults slave-boy Tals rear-end with arse splitting toys in this non-stop bondage / SM spectacular. Tal is suspended by his ankles, has the soles of his feet severely whipped, suffers an agonising hot wax session and endurers long and hard at the hands of Master Draiven who demonstrates just who is in control. Forced into endless strenuous bondage positions, Tal shows dedication to his Masters by shooting his seed again and again.

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