The Best 6

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    The Best 6


    Year: 2005
    Country: France / France
    Genre: anal sex, oral sex, twinks, orgy, compilation
    Duration: 1:35:15
    Directed by: Jean Daniel Cadinot
    Studio: French Art
    The collection contains the following scenes from movies / Contains clips from the following films:
    Safari City
    An estate agent, a psychiatrist, a motorcyclist and a group of overseas students put a couple's love to the test without limit!
    Double En Jeu
    Antoine Mallet's 24 centimetres are to be found in cellars, car parks, deserted offices and warehouses.
    Cours Privés
    A group of twelve students living on an all-male campus get pleasure where they can with no girls around.
    Mon Ami, Mes Amants
    A talisman get passed from guy to guy, exchanged for sex each time, but it brings very different encounters for those who hold it in their possession.
    C'est La Vie
    Cadinot shows us how one can get what one wants if prepared to give people a little pleasure along the way.
    Dimitri is 22, loves Britney and had planned going to marry her until precious little Matheo appears and turns his life upside-down.
    Marco becomes friends with an electrician working in his building who entrusts him to deliver a letter to his father in Tunisia where he meets some of Haythem's counsins.
    Secrets de Famille
    A well-known property developer living in the south of France hires a butler who turns his family's life upside down with adultery, incest, jealousy and scandal.

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