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    description: Oh, Trisha’s such a sexy girl. Her exotic face and superb boobs are great. There’s only one thing that’s wrong with her: her pussy. She says it’s not big enough, and begs us to get a couple of oversized toys for her. So me and Alexander immediately get to the sex shop to get these extreme toys, this one (which, for me, resembles to a penis of a horse) and there we go! Trisha could freely experiment with them, and when she feels ready, she could use her own hand on her pussy. Which she certainly would do, trust us!

    Weight: 408.19mb
    Continue: 00:41:40

    Betty Saint & Stella

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    description: Woohoo, two supercute brunettes team up to indulge in some hot lesbian fisting, what more can we ask for? It seems the girls can’t get enough of our fisting lessons… which is good, don’t you think? This time Stella fists Betty (who’s not a Saint at all) and both girls are surprisingly good at it. Stella must’ve taken private lessons as well, she really knows how to move that hand. And Betty, well, it’s clear she’s been practicing at home! Or was it just our baseball bat or our double headed dildo that made her pussy so open? Hmm, who knows…

    Weight: 281.32mb
    Continue: 00:29:33


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