Relax The Muscle 3

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    Relax The Muscle 3


    Year: 2003

    Country: USA

    Genre: hidden camera, voyeur, amateur, medical examination

    Duration: 00:59:12

    Studio: Angry Young Man

    Cast: boys from the Marines

    Description: In Relax The Muscle 3, three more Marine lads are made to get naked from the get-go, thanks to the well-imbursed MD who performs each exam. Each Marine grits his teeth and allows himself to be probed and handled, all in the name of medical science. The finale of each procedure is the hands-on testicle examination, as the rubber-gloved hands of the MD toys with each of six healthy gonads in search of any surface anomaly - after which the attached Marine turns, bends over and is instructed to relax whilst his sacred sphincter is briefly violated by a latex-covered digit. No actual sexual action - just nudity.

    File size :480 MB

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