Prague Buddies 3

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    Prague Buddies 3


    Year: 2001

    Country: Czechia

    Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Uniform

    Duration: 2:05:27

    Directed by: William Higgins

    Studio: William Higgins Productions

    Starring: Andel, Jozeph Markovich, Mylan Foreman, Ivo Skala, Roman Tomas, Martin Pravda, Pavel Korsakov, Peppino Sobato, Pavel Holub, Zdenek Romany, Nikola Lubov, Bill Zeeman, Marko Giacomo, Sascha Antonov, Libor Taborsky and Jirka Kalvoda ( aka Ales Hanek)

    picpicpicOpisanie: By the time William Higgins finishes his "Prague Buddies" series, we will know more about the culture and psyche, of Eastern European (primarily Czech) men than anyone has ever learned over the many years of history which have shaped that region. That he will have done that through detailing the deeply personal, romantic, sometimes melancholic - but always explosive - sexual appetites of these men will eventually rank as one of the most remarkable artistic achievements of the international porn industry. This is said in all deference to, and recognition of, the equally stunning contributions made by Bel Ami's George Duroy. Duroy gives us unabashed sexual pleasure; Higgins gives us depth, and - egad, I can't believe I'm writing this - soul.

    On its face, "Prague Buddies 3: Liebstod" is an outstanding achievement in cinematography, casting, direction and very hot sex. Taken with its predecessors, "Prague Buddies," "Prague Buddies 2: Verbotene Leibe," and (we expect) the sequel, "Prague Buddies 4: The Ancient Forest of Prague," however, this video is a must-see for more than all the cinematic and cultural reasons. It also represents a history of Eastern European male porn, for it was filmed for the most part a couple of years ago in bits and pieces, and it features the very first post-California Higgins stars, some of whom have disappeared, others of whom are still holding down Fortress Higgins. As such, it's a bridge. It's good to see old friends, and it's especially good to see them sucking and fucking with such intense abandon, as if tomorrow may not come.

    Indeed, that is the underlying theme of PB3 - that young men who came of age during the first decade of post-Communist rule are suddenly thrust into another belligerent situation, that of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, specifically Bosnia (which dates the movie instantly), which is where some of the cast is headed as part of a United Nations peacekeeping force

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