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    Year: 2001

    Country: Europe

    Genre: gay, pissing, safe soft sex, erotic, studs, blond, foot fetish

    Length: 1:07:04

    Studio: EB VIDEO

    Cast: Darius, Aaron, Roland, Bello, Alex

    Description: In Piss-Gang, a number of young and hot guys piss and fuck their guts out. Darius is in the garden pissing and cumming by himself when he's disturbed by 18 year old Aaron mowing the lawn! Darius is so mad he takes advantage of the situation and grabs Aaron to piss all over him. The rest of the gang enter the scene - 22 year old blond Roland and 18 year old Bello get their share of hot intriguing sex, while a cage is the perfect background to stimulate the friends for long and deep fuck and piss scenes. Three of the young studs show off in solos, as they piss huge amounts. Bello, Roland and Mike have a session in which Mike has to take all the piss before they all shoot creamy loads. Two studs, Alex and Aaron, piss in their jeans and soak them wet. Next they piss over each other, enjoying the wet and warm sensation, then cum in each other's faces. Finally Alex pisses and cums in his own face and mouth!

    File size :669 MB

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