Penis Pecker Prick

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    Penis Pecker Prick

    Year: 2001

    Country: Canada

    Genre: gay, straight, amateur, hardcore,

    Duration: 1:21:00

    Directed by: Conor J. Murphy

    Studio: YMAC / Darkwind Productions

    Cast: Pat, Kevin, Johnny Blaze, Chris, Jesse, Maxx, Johny 5, Magic Mike, Phil

    So you like words for the male member that begin with "P" do you? Well, I can do much better. Try these on for size: Packet, Percy, Peter, Panhandle, Pant Hamster, Pintle, Pods, Plonker, Putz, Pant Pirate, Poker, Privates, Pud, Pork Sword, Porridge Gun, Pocket Rocket, Purple Headed Womb Broom.
    Oh, and pudendum is also perfectly acceptable. Enough?
    The offering from director Murphy is faux "reality" porn, in which a bunch of camcorder-toting jockey guys cruise the streets of Montreal looking for other young guys to score with. Couldn’t be simpler!
    First up Magic Mike and friend Johny 5 zoom their lens onto campy Kevin (aka Tudick Bottom) as they tromp through the snowy streets. They asks if he wants five fingers up his ass.
    Tudick is happy to participate, especially as his topper will be the cocky jock Johny. But I swear to God, if two giggling complete strangers with a handycam came up to me and asked if I wanted five fingers up my ass I’d have stuck that camera straight up their own buttcheeks followed by my fist! How’d you like them five fingers?
    Back in the apartment Johnny Blaze is waiting and Tudick is about to have fun. Two Johnnies for the price of none! Blaze gets on the receiving end of some very professional oral from the two guys before Tudick proves he is no ordinary bottom. He’s SuperBottom and is so hungry for their uncut cocks he takes them all over their apartment. The butt that knows no bounds takes both up there at once before the exhausted Blaze runs for cover leaving Tudick and Johny 5 to end their megafuck with Tudick drinking as much young jock juice as they can supply! Can you think of a better way to warm up a cold winter’s day?
    The snow has melted and Mike is back pounding the streets with gorgeous friend Italian Pat. They pick up pony-tailed Mad Maxx and persuade him to participate in the sordid fun. Nice people these Canucks. Maxx’s body isn’t that great but wait till you see that uncut long schlong! Pat’s eyes almost pop out on stalks and does his best to swallow it whole. Pat’s Italian Pastrami is as equally impressive as the Canadian’s Bacon and each take turns getting them very wet. Maxx takes it over the sofa and the two studs perform a very inventive, energetic foxtrot. Pat manages to suck the blonde lad before the two flip-flop briefly. The performance ends as the two young stars-to-be spit their batter over each other’s now empty ballbags.
    Mike hits the street again but this time he’s left his cute friends at home, bringing Jesse Ferrari with him this time. (It’s like Slater leaving Zack behind and hanging out with Screech instead.) They pick up a bespectacled bookish blonde with terrible teeth. And he’s not English. Turns out his name is Dildo Chris and guess what he’s got in his backpack! Chris decides he’s game for anything and ends up in Ferrari’s hotel room with a tube of Cherry flavored Anal-Ese for company. Tattooed Ferrari (terrible accent) lubes up Chris’s shufty-hole and teases it with a purple jelly dildo. Jesus it’s always the quiet ones! Ferrari’s cock replaces the toy and they briefly fuck before a freaked-out Chris gets a gobful of Ferrari oil.
    Finally we are back with Johny 5 and Mike as they pick up a cute French boy in their apartment laundromat. Luckily, Frenchie Phil Me Up understands the International Language of Sodomy and is bending over and accommodating his new Canadian pal.
    Finally, a Generation X video that didn't make me feel like it was stripping the enamel from my teeth. Most of the guys are pretty doable, too. (But next time I demand to see Magic Mike put the camera down and get naked!) Penis Pecker Prick. Perfect.
    -Froufrou A. Gogo

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