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    Movin' On


    Year: 2001

    Country: USA

    Genre: Romance, Smooth Guys, Twinks / Young Meat

    Duration: 1:15:54

    Directed by: Chad Donovan

    Studio: Men of Odyssey

    Starring: Antonio Madiera, Noah Walker, Justin Roxx, Jacob Hayes


    Horse-cocked Chad Donovan finally swings his big meat from in front of the camera to behind it with this, his directorial debut.

    -Keeneye Reeves REVIEW

    Porn-former Donovan takes to the other side of the sound stage and directs his first feature. Essentially an American twink-a-thon, Movin 'On is sure to please the crowd. In the end credits Donovan gives a thank you to director Kevin Clarke (Something Very Big; The American Way); it seems the least he could do since this flick "plays" like a Clarke flick - which is a good thing!

    Noah Walker, from the In Touch Audition series, and the other performers are all beautifully smooth boys who are unabashedly gay. This is always a welcome change in the world of porn where many a fantasy is set-up on the idea of ??seducing a breeder. Madiera is the adorable cover boy who apparently has left home after coming out to his parents.

    His adventure begins when he is picked up while hitchhiking. He explains his woes to his newfound friend and soon enough they are stopped at a motel for some sleep. Madiera seductively announces that he sleeps in the nude. The driver, another cute boy, sleeps in his briefs but doesn't seem to mind Madiera snuggling up to him. Soon enough these two are kissing, cuddling, sucking and fucking. Both boys play with verve and abandon; each shoot nice loads.

    Later, Madiera meets a nice, seemingly monogamous couple and is crashing with them. Another seduction begins, this time Madiera is being seduced by one of the lovers. He seems genuinely confused by the fact that one of these guys would stray from the relationship. After some hot sex the other partner tells Madiera that they have an "open relationship". Madiera looks into the camera and explains that he needs to be somewhere else, somewhere where monogamy reigns it would seem. He then mutters some line about "maybe coming to your town". Unfortunately, this comes across as the least seductive moment of the movie.

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