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    Year: 2001
    Country: Hungary
    Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Hunks, Group, Cumshot, Muscle, Military
    Duration: 1:35:50
    Directed by: Csaba Borbely
    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Starring: Claudio Antonelli, Leslie Manzel, Andreas Harris, Sergio Foster, Janos Volt, Fred Goldsmith, Roberto Giorgio, Antal Posza, Paul Skeritt, Jack Laurel, Ken Spencer, Daniel Paxton, Eddie Shulz, Randy Jones, Luciano Endino, Jonathan Collins , Tony Magera, Soto Donovan, Arthur Roth
    Description: Pacific Sun does it again. Jackhammered, Blazing Waters, Desires of a Gymnast, and now this terrific one. It's Eastern European guys (beautiful, muscular, slightly hairy, uncut) letting it all hang out. This time we are in the army. It's cold, and there's snow on the ground. Guess these fellas are gonna have to keep warm somehow.
    And they do this by ... playing chess. Seriously. But, it's obviously simmering with sexual tension as coverstar Antonelli and Giorgio tear each others clothes off as the game ends, much to their barrack buddies amusement. I guess they don't get out much.
    (There's a cool unintentional joke: Another cast member doesn't even bat an eyelid as he's thinking "Those two sluts and their board games. Last week it was backgammon that set them off. The week before that Connect Four.")
    But the six naturally sexy guys on show must be seen to be believed; you'll use up three Kleenexes before anyone gets naked.
    Segue to an exterior scene. Amusingly, Pacific Sun should really get a proofreader to do their subtitles: what does "Not to stay behind" mean? And I don't know what a "scuttle start" is, but it sounds dirty. But I digress. The Major (Posza), who looks so camp he should be in drag, (I guess Hungary got used to gays in the military years ago) fantasizes about what he really wants to get up with three cute guys from the Second Squad. Another great group scene with cumshots on the lens and a fantasy gatecrasher too!
    Skerritt and Volt are on latrine duty. It must be a living hell for the little darlings, but it's worse for the viewer with the subtitles: "but now let's have make the Sergeant sucking others" (Huh???) Guess it all makes sense though, because when Sarge (Spencer ) does appear, he's so impressed by their scrubbing skills he's chowing down on their fat uncut sausage meat before topping them both (on the floor - they obviously did a good job mopping that too).
    Finally we have a bit of target practice (they are all crap shots - first graders with potato guns would be deadlier) that concludes with a meeting in the "plotting board room," essentially a room with a really pisspoor military diorama made out of cocktail onions and Lego. Still, nobody minds: the guns have disappeared along with their clothes and inhibitions. These six stunners know how to "give peace a chance" (they should give lessons to the NRA) as they explore every nook and cranny on each other's bodies with tongues, fingers and huge pricks. Round of applause here for Paxton who looks like he's really enjoying being the communal bottom.

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