Machismo 2 Cover To Cover

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    Machismo 2 - Cover-To-Cover

    Year: 2001

    Country: USA

    Genre: Latin, Uncut, Oral / Anal Sex, Big Balls

    Duration: 1:25:08


    The Latino Fan Club is one of New York's premier gay porn studios and this new film, Machismo 2, takes us behind the scenes at LFC's offices which produce their sizzling magazine, Machismo.

    The cover photos on this DVD had me salivating in anticipation to review this one. The pictures featured on the back are even more enticing - naked, well built "gay-for-pay" studs engaged in hardcore man-to-man action.

    Divided into several work-related themes, the film gives us a fantasized version of what it's like to work at Machismo Magazine. Handsome, Rock-Steady looks incredible as he gets off on some video porn in his office. You'll want to bury your face in his glorious crotch, but watch out for his volcanic cum shot - it'll put your eye out.

    Machismo's employees, all seem hooked on straight porn. Freaky Ty (box cover right) works in the mailroom. While watching a video, he's visited by buddy, Syco Eddie. Both dudes are horny for some pussy, but do not hesitate to "help" one another get rid of that hot cream. Freaky's low hanging balls are awesome!

    In the middle of his photoshoot, the studly Ricardo, takes time to allow photographer, Mike, to suck his hardening cock. Mike wears corn rolls, has a body to die for and a big piece of hairy dick between his legs. They shoot torrents of hot jizz.

    Frankie, a cute wall painter, gets "discovered" by Juan Leche who just can't keep his eyes off the stunning boi. Wow - NY is crawling with these beauties and the modeling world pays them no mind. Lucky for us, they end up in porn. Leche, when taking snaps of Frankie (his eyes will make you weep), wants his model hard. He decides that his mouth can certainly get that furry flagpole to rise.

    Papi Songo is "daddy" personified. What a fuckin 'MAN! His hirsute torso leads downward to a fabulous fat dick and balls surrounded by mucho black pubes. He jerks off a creamy geyser while watching a smutty flick.

    When I saw Angel and Pretty Boy Thug waiting for their auditions with Machismo, I had a feeling that Angel would end up getting fucked (he usually does). After almost smothering in Thug's massive crotch hair, Angel asks "Hey, papi, you wanna fuck me?" He takes quite a pounding. But, what kind of business has a bed in their waiting area? Isn't that against the law?

    Freaky Ty, tired of his low-paying mailroom gig, tries his hand at modeling. Mike from the third scene has a casting couch waiting for him. "You got some big ass balls," he tells Ty. "Full of sperm," he answers back. Mike gets him rock hard, deep-throat-style. Oh, yeah, Ty got the job.

    The mailroom has three new studs (Pothead, Dimitri, Antonio) working both in front of the cameras and behind. They quickly get into a three-way suckathon with everybody showing that they've done this before, especially Antonio. Dimitri's bitch hole takes a rough, though brief fucking from Antonio and then gets a double facial from both hombres.

    I'm always amazed at the "talent" that Brian Brennan continues to lure into his movies. NY is a hotbed for young and hung Latino men, hungry for some overdue recognition. They find it at LFC and receive a modicum of fame and fortune in the X-rated gay video and print field, all this, while many are attending college. Good for them.

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