Gay - Prison 2: Quartier Disciplinaire

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    Prison 2: Quartier Disciplinaire



    Source: Europe
    Language: French
    Cast: Federico Johnson, Fred Goldsmith, Enrico Harper, Randy Jones, Claudio Antonelli, Roberto Giorgio, Marcello Moreno, Chad Thomas, Julian Vincenzo, Renato Bellagio

    Delve into the sexual and dark atmosphere of prison life as a fantastic selection of ten gorgeous, super fit guys sink into a cycle of non-stop anal abuse in Prison 2: Quartier Disciplinaire (also known as Penal Penitentiary)! Whilst one inmate is cleaning the toilet, guards filter in and out to take a piss - but one lingers and when the coast is clear he turns round, cock exposed, and orders the inmate to his knees to suck it. They both undress and the inmate squats over the guards cock to take his pole deep. Two big bears exchange spit as they tongue each other - the top tugging his pals nipple rings before he does press ups over his face, his cock in his mouth. One then bendsover the bed, allowing his pal to finger his ass whilst pulling on his cock - and it's not long before his fuzzy ass cheeks are spread and the fingers replaced by a throbbing member. The next scene features two guards searching an inmate spread-eagled against the bars. The guards unleash their hard cocks and order him to suck each in turn. Then, whilst one guard is skull fucking him, the other is behind him, rimming his brown daisy and licking his cock and balls. They move into the cell and take turns at his adorable ass, one doing him doggy as he continues to munch on aching cock. When the first has had his fill, the other turns him over and, grabbing his ankles, pushes his legs up and thoroughly violates him. Another two scenes follow, one a superb solo the other another fabulous duet. These guys have fit bodies, toned and rippling with muscles, and all have adorable asses and hard cock aching for some action.
    Product Format Information
    Format : MPEG-PS
    File size : 998 MB
    Duration : 1h 40mn
    Overall bit rate : 1 394 Kbps
    Width : 352 pixels
    Height : 288 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 4:3
    Audio Format : MPEG Audio


    File size: 998 MB


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