Cum Gulpers

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    Cum Gulpers


    Year: 2008

    Genre: Amateur, Oral, Group, Threeways, Masturbation, Toys, Solo, Anal

    Length: 1:48:41

    Director: Joe Serna

    Studio: Defiant Productions

    Starring: Chad, Nick, Adam, Stephen, Dakota, Kared, Christian, Kasey, Trey, Bobby Golden, Chance, Dan Doe, Lance, Keegan, Sean, Dominick, Chad Wiley, Timmy Tucker, Lukas, Jayden, Kenny, Timmy , Johnny B Johnson, Brandon, Ricky, Jordan, Shane, Darrian, Shy Guy, Cameron

    Description: Gulp: the amount swallowed at one time; mouthful.

    Isn't the title "Cum Gulpers, Volume 1" a little misleading when really all you get in the DVD are "cum tasters"? As a "cum gulper" myself I am a bit frustrated by the title of this compilation DVD from Defiant Productions. It seems to me this recent release should have been called "Cum Tasters, Vol. 1 "instead, simply because that is all these boys do in 99% of the video. They only taste their cum, they don't gulp it. For this reason, and this reason alone, I am lowering my rating of this video. It is too deceptive of a title to warrant a better rating!

    Overall, I did enjoy this DVD only because it reminded me of some of the finer moments of Defiant's early years. I have always been a huge fan of their videos and to see highlights like this from the beginning of their existence was a real treat! It was also a reminder to me of where this company began back in 1999 and how "primitive" their first videos were. It also reminds me of how far they have come and yet maintain the look of amateur videos while having become so much more professional. Defiant Productions has become "the" professional amateur video company! Is that possible?

    Featured on this DVD are scenes starring Tristan, Adam, Christian, Shane ... and so many others! 30 stars are compiled here in this cum shooting extravaganza and each of them is fun to watch ... again and again! It's also fun to see how they've grown up over the last few years and have changed. As I said, I have been a huge fan of this company since the beginning of their existence, so I have seen a lot of these guys perform many times on several DVD's over the years. I've seen new haircuts, new tattoos, new attitudes, better performances and more. It's been a fun treat to see this; and it's been even greater that director Joe Serna feels the liberty of bringing back these guys over and over again! Most video stars these days do a few videos and then they are never heard from again. With Defiant however, you see "the regulars" and then with each new video a "newcomer" seems to arrive and the cast of boys continues to grow! I love that!

    I only hope that Defiant Productions keeps bringing us more of the "highlight" compilations. This was a wonderful idea and one that I hope continues! I just would ask that they title the videos more appropriately, instead of with such a hugely deceptive title ... unless they actually do start gulping loads of cum! Now THAT would be a huge Defiant treat!!!

    Quality: DVDRip

    File size : 1.37 GB
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