Boot boy

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    Boot boy


    Year: 2005
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral, anal, rimming, gang bang, fetish
    Duration: 1:52:08
    Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
    Studio: Channel 1/Rascal Video
    Starring: Benjamin Bradley (exclusively for Rascal video!), Tyler Riggz, Theo Blake, Tommy Ritter, Frederick Ford, Marcos David, Trevor Knight, Troy Moore, Matt Cole
    Description: What better place to be than havin 'a studly man in your chair. You're servicing his boots to perfection, while staring at the perfection hangin 'in his bulging crotch. A knowing look, reciprocation, and all hell breaks loose. Watch two hours of amazing man-on-man sex and servicing!
    Benjamin Bradley, the all-night boot shine boy, works hard to please his customers. He makes the long and hard hours pass by telling his customers about his friends' sexual exploits while getting his hands and mouth dirty as he spit-shines and buffs their boots. Sometimes with his warm and spit-laden tongue.
    First off, Benjamin talks about never seeing the sun because of his nighttime shift. He tells the story about his sexy pals Fredrick Ford, Troy Moore and pool boy Marcos David, who know how to soak up the sun while sucking each other off.
    The local cowboy bar wants to snatch Benjamin's talents up, but he prefers leather boots to cowboy boots. Even so, Benjamin's friends (Tyler Riggz and Theo Blake) know how to wrangle each other hard. These cowboys don't need to go to the mountains, they do it right there in the bar. (Yee-haw!) Watching Theo get ridden hard by Tyler's huge cock is like watching him ride the biggest bull at the rodeo.
    Another buddy of Benjamin's, Trevor Knight, doesn't need to go to the bar to find his fun. He has his own dungeon at home, and uses it to put Tommy Ritter through the paces. Locked in a steel cage, Tommy begs for Trevor's enormous dick and gets it. Tommy's no slouch in the dick department either and his ass is ripe for fucking. The two use every inch of that dungeon until they are well spent.
    Super stud Matt Cole is the lucky recipient of Benjamin's nasty boot fetish attention. The highlight is when Benjamin puts the finishing touches on Matt's boots with his thick creamy load and then licks it off, leaving the perfect sticky shine.
    Feeling satisfied, Benjamin asks who's next ... is it you?

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