Blond Leading the Blond

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    Blond Leading the Blond


    Year: 2006
    Country: USA
    Genre: oral, anal, rimming, group, cumshots, muscules
    Duration: 1:55:24
    Directed by: Doug Jeffries
    Studio: All Worlds Video
    Starring: Josh Vaughn, Benjamin Bradley, Adam Faust, Brett Matthews, Matthew Mayfair, Mike Power, Rod Barry, Ryan Woods, Tyler Rig
    Description: The Blond Leading the Blond is the sort of diversion Chi Chi LaRue can (and possibly does) toss off in his sleep. For model-turned-director Doug Jeffries, LaRue's most promising disciple, it's an excuse to display his increasingly polished professional skill. The four simple sex loops - three twosomes and a threesome - are united by a blond-on-blond motif pitched toward obsessives. The cast includes a number of non-blonds whose manes have been bleached or tinted clover honey, Harlow platinum, or chalk white; the dye jobs are seldom an improvement.
    The models are well matched, however. There are steamy moments between Tyler Riggz and Brett Mathews, Adam Faust and Mike Power, Benjamin Bradley and Josh Vaughan. The most effective scene involves longhaired, retro-slender Matthew Mayfair, tightly proportioned Ryann Wood, and - gradually, as oral action boils over into anal calisthenics - a powerfully restrained Rod Barry, who quietly but firmly takes charge. The action benefits throughout from videographer Ross Cannon's nuanced color sense and CH's spot-on edits.

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