Bigger than huge

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    Bigger than huge


    Year: 1988

    Genre: vintage, anal, oral, toilets, glory hole, jail ....

    Length: 1:13:21

    Directed by: Mark Reynolds

    Studio: Elite pictures (USA)

    Starring: Jim Pulver, Jeff Tracy, Mark Robbins, Tony Madsen, Robb Quinton, Antonio Roselli, Mike Montana, Todd Smith, Russ Reeves

    Description: Size is Relative ... Most of the Time!

    Does size really count? You bet it does, buster - and the bigger the better! In fact, the HUGER the better right? Well, huge cock fans, this is your lucky day, because here's a tape packed with ... Full Descriptionmonstrous manmeat that's not just big, not just huge, but BIGGER THAN HUGE! The world's leading scientists said it was impossble - but what the fuck do they know? After all, the proff is in the pud ... er, pudding. Sweat-soaked gyms, lust laden locker rooms, gland-packed glory holes ... Where else would you expect to find action this hot, this hard, THIS HUGE?

    File size :705 MB

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