Army Hospital

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    Army Hospital


    Year: 2003
    Genre: oral, anal, rimming, group
    Running time: 103 minutes
    Directed by: Vlado Iresch
    Studio: Man's Best / All Worlds Video
    Cast: Charlie Buck, George Morell, Ronald Born, Radim Bradley, Michael Pelli, Jason Holl, Bogi Falat
    Description: The first segment, The Thermometer, has two young sexy studs playing with a thermometer. The hunky soldier fucks himself with the medical tool as his blond buddy watches. He then fingers his hairy fuck hole before moving over to his buddy's bunk and stripping off his buddy's shorts. Exposed is a thick, uncut cock and an eager, wet mouth goes down on the throbber. The two swap spit before the blond chows down on his pal's perky pecker. The two move into a 69 and slurp down each other's cocks with hunger. The blond then throws a scissor fuck to the horny soldier and pumps his big dick in the tight fuck hole. To get deeper penetration, he takes a seat and milks the cum out of his buddy's man meat.
    The second tale is called Visitors. As two of the men lie in a bunk, the top climbs down and gets under the covers with his sick pal. The two smooch and caress each other's smooth, beautiful bodies. Soon the dick smoking begins and the men worship each other's manhoods with their mouths. The butt fucking starts with the bottom bunker taking a seat and humping his friend's big dick. A double-headed dildo appears and the brunette fucks his pal as he sucks on the toy.
    About Me is the third tale and the sergeant has the hots for a handsome young patient. As the patient sleeps, the sergeant caresses his smooth, milky skin and works his hands down to the bulge in his shorts, licking his pert nipples to stir the sleeping beauty. The Sgt. then goes down on the hard penis and hairy man sack. The bunker above wakes and sees the Sgt., And the Sgt. goes over and makes out with him. The sleeper then awakes and works his mouth on Sgt. 'S stiffy. The three-way cock suck fest begins and soon turns into butt ramming as the Sgt. takes the big bone up the ass. Soon the three dumps gobs of creamy guy butter.

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