100 Percent Uncut

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    100 Percent Uncut

    Year: 2001
    Country: Canada
    Genre: Anal, Hardcore, Latin, Oral, Euro
    Duration: 1:21:41
    Studio: Video10
    Cast: Alain Dupont, Joseph Deseve, Julien Lecoq, Ken Dumoulin, Matieu Taillon, Mikel Jacques, Toine Rousseau, Tomy Orne
    Description: In 100 percent Uncut, foreskin rules when guys drool for each others uncut tools! First, Julian LeCoq suggests that Matieu Taillon come home with him to view his private collection of art after bumping into him in front of the art museum. Julian tops Matieu when he finds out that the piece of art Julian spoke of was the one he had between his legs! Next, Tomy Orne needs a place to crash and Joseph DeSeve opens his home and his butt to Tomy as the gracious host that he is. Then, Toine Rousseau bottoms for Ken Dumoulin when he orders a date for the night from the local escort service, and finally, Alan DuPont needs help with his computer so techno-stud Mikel Jacques obliges him and tops him for services rendered!

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